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Shop script features


Shop script is an e-commerce software produced by .

this product enable you to get the most professional e-commerce software with the lowest price in the market. the following lines describes you the most features available in Shop script:

  1. Beautiful design to show your products to be more attractive to your customers.
  2. Compatible design for all devices (Mobiles – Tablets - Desktop).
  3. Ads manager to manage your advertising spaces in your website.
  4. Multi currency control with setting your default currency and exchange rate.
  5. Home page slider control to show your current deals and offers.
  6. Home page icons showing your fixed offers as shipping or money back guarantee.
  7. Flexibilities to categorize your products for 3 levels categories.
  8. Add brands database for each category.
  9. Assign products to be shown in home page as featured products.
  10. Assign products to be shown in the side bar of all pages as hot offers.
  11. Show the new arrivals in your home page automatically.
  12. Search for products with filtration options to order results according to price or name or date.
  13. View each category with listing or grid view and filtrations to order the results according to price or date of name.
  14. Powerful adding products forms to add your products with stock, available colors, available sizes, 6 images, discount percentage and case of the product.
  15. Users database to make your client to register and adding products to their wish-list to buy them in the future.
  16. Adding products to cart or to wish-list by Ajax technologies for fast actions and to not redirect clients when adding products showing them flash message after success or error.
  17. Shopping cart summary in header to make clients preview and manage their cart items without need to go to shopping cart page.
  18. Online payment options by PayPal and CashU.
  19. Stores feature: it is a powerful feature as you can make merchants to have accounts in your website to create stores and adding products and you can take a commission for every sale or make stores available by limited time subscriptions or both.
  20. You can disable stores feature or adding products feature at any time.
  21. Manage your contact information and social media links to be shown in footer.
  22. Moderators feature to create admin accounts to your employees to work for you on specific sections you assigned for each account with the role hierarchies control.
  23. Orders control with ability to change shipping address and change order status to be shown to your clients to follow up their orders.
  24. Reporting section available for you and your merchants to view orders for certain date ranges and filtrations by order status, payment method and payment status and calculating commission of each order.
  25. Creating and manage single pages to be used as terms of use page or privacy policy page or anything you need to inform your clients inside your website to be shown in footer.
  26. SEO links for products and categories to make your URLs more friendly to search engines and get more visitors.
  27. This script available in two languages (English and Arabic) and you can assign your default language and disable changing language to make it with one language.

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